Four Signs That You Should Upgrade to a New Home

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October 8, 2018
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December 1, 2018

Four Signs That You Should Upgrade to a New Home

Many people will live comfortably and happily in their home for many long years or even decades. Others, however, may start thinking about relocating after a few years. While some want a change of scenery, others may have legitimate and substantial reasons for moving. These are few of the leading signs that may indicate upgrading homes is in order.

1. You Need More Space
One of more common reasons why homeowners leave their existing property behind and move on to a larger home is to get more space. Perhaps your family has expanded, or your young children may have grown into teens who need more space and privacy. You may have taken in an older relative recently, or you may have simply accumulated so much stuff that your storage areas are jam-packed. Renovating or adding onto a home is an alternative that may be a viable option for some people, but others find that moving into a larger home that meets all of their needs is more convenient.

2. Your Neighborhood Is No Longer Ideal
Neighborhoods tend to change over time, and they do not always improve. You may have noticed that property condition has been declining and that neighbors do not keep up with yard work. The HOA rules may no longer be strictly enforced. Perhaps a major commercial development has gone up nearby. Crime or school quality may also be concerns. Even if adding onto your existing home is an option, you may simply no longer want to live in the area.

3. You Have Changed Jobs
The functionality of your home also must be considered. You may have purchased a home with ample square footage in common areas that made it suitable for entertaining, but now that you are older and have children, you may no longer throw house parties. Square footage in extra bedrooms or a home office may be more desirable than huge common area spaces. On the other hand, you may be entertaining less, and you are looking for a layout that is conducive to this.

As you can see, there are many reasons why upgrading makes sense. After you have determined that you have a legitimate need or a strong desire to upgrade, take the next step to review your budget and to determine if you can afford to get into a larger home in a desirable community.

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