How to Find the Right Neighborhood to Move Into

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July 23, 2019
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How to Find the Right Neighborhood to Move Into

While a significant amount of emphasis is placed on selecting the perfect home to buy, the neighborhood that you move into impacts your living experience profoundly. Consider that everything from the strength of the HOA to the community’s proximity to places you visit frequently impact your daily life. As you search for the right neighborhood to move into, turn your attention to these factors.

1. Location
Community location plays a role in the quality of schools that your children attend as well as your daily commute to work. The crime rate, nearby retail and recreational venues, traffic conditions and more are also affected by the specific community that you decide to move into. As you compare communities, all of these relevant factors should be considered.

2. Community Amenities
Some people use community amenities heavily, and others may rarely use them. These amenities may include a playground for the kids, walking and biking trails, a swimming pool, a community center and more. Determine your desire to have access to these spaces before searching for the right neighborhood to focus your home search on.

3. Vibe
Each neighborhood has a unique vibe, which can impact your ability to sell the home in the future as well as how relaxed and welcome you feel in the area. Some neighborhoods have close-knit residents who participate in numerous community events. These may be communities where people get out of their houses frequently to talk to neighbors. Other communities have a more isolated feel, and most people may keep to themselves. Determine the type of vibe that you desire in a community upfront.

4. Enforcement of HOA Rules
A neighborhood HOA services critical purposes that impact the condition of amenities, property values and other important factors. A strict HOA is effective at collecting HOA payments, and this means that it has enough money to maintain the common areas and complete other tasks. The HOA also may police the area looking for violations to landscaping requirements and more. You may be able to visibly see the efforts of a strong HOA by driving through the community.

Because property location affects so many aspects of life in your new home, careful consideration is required as you select the right place to relocate to. We are available to support your efforts by providing guidance and by assisting with research.