Staging Your Home Makes It Easier To Sell

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October 4, 2020
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December 9, 2020

Staging Your Home Makes It Easier To Sell

Everyone hopes that when they place their home up for sale that the sale will happen quickly and at the asking price or higher. Although this may seem like “wishful thinking,” you can increase your chances for a fast and profitable sale by staging your home correctly.

5 Tips For Home Staging
There are five things that you can do to stage your home that improves the demand for your house. These staging tips should be applied before your realtor photographs your home and maintained until the home is sold.

Tidy Home Exterior
You have 15 seconds to make an initial impression on your potential buyer. This means that when they first pull up to your home, they will make their first decision on if they wish to buy the home. Make sure that your exterior looks fabulous. The walkways should be swept, flower beds should be free of weeds and clutter, grass should be trimmed, and your door should have a doormat. For some reason, people attribute a doormat with someone that maintains their home. Place trash cans out of view and make sure that there is nothing else that could be considered clutter laying around outside, including kids toys.

Super Clean Your Interior
Take a full day and clean your home from the ceilings down. You want to super-clean your home. Things that may not even be noticeable such as a thin layer of dust on top of a door molding will almost always be spotted by potential buyers. In fact, I always recommend that when you super clean your home wait a day and do it again.

Remove Personal Items
A buyer needs to be able to “see” themselves in the home. Being able to picture themselves living in the home is essential to securing the sale. However, it is harder to imagine yourself in a home when you see someone else’s toothbrush on the sink, pots, and pans on the counter or baby pictures on the wall. You are planning to move soon anyway, so packing away pictures and personal mementos first may boost your chances for a quick sale.

Clean Under Your Sinks and Closets
Most buyers will not look inside most cupboard space, but they will look in the cupboards underneath a sink. Maybe they are looking for water stains. I am not sure why they single out these cupboards. Whatever the reason, they will look under the sink in the bathrooms and kitchen. Make sure that this area is straightened. Additionally, they will most likely look in the closet in the master bedroom and possibly any walkway closets. Having an organized closet area is very beneficial to your sale because people see that as ample closet space.

Go Out For Lunch
This may seem like a very odd home staging tip, but it is perhaps one of the most important. When someone comes to view your home, you want the real estate agent to be their point of contact. Buyers who do not interact with the homeowner right away can better “connect” with the home. When your home is being shown, go out to lunch and let the realtor do their job.

For more tips on how to stage your home for a faster and more profitable sale, you are encouraged to contact Elizabeth Bos at Remax Destiny. Elizabeth Bos is an experienced real estate agent that can help you sell your home quickly or she can help you find the home of your dreams.