The Best Time of Year to Sell Your Home

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February 5, 2020
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The Best Time of Year to Sell Your Home

If you have heard that the best time to list your home for sale is in the spring or summer months, you are in good company. In reality, there are pros and cons associated with listing your home for sale at any time of the year. When you know what market conditions to expect for each season, you can take proactive steps to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Pros and Cons of Selling a Home in the Spring
Late spring and early summer are usually the most active times of the year for the residential real estate market. Some of the reasons why buyers prefer to look for a new home at this time are related to relocating a family when the kids are out of school and moving when weather conditions are nice. When you list your home for sale in the spring, you are offering it to a potentially larger pool of buyers. However, the number of listings that your home will be competing against also increases during the peak season.

Another factor to consider is curb appeal. Lush green lawns, blue skies and colorful flowers can do wonders for curb appeal. If your yard is well-manicured, this can be a true benefit that sets your home apart from others. On the other hand, if your yard needs some work done, curb appeal may be elevated when the lawn and beds are covered by a pristine layer of snow.

Hidden Benefits of Selling in the Winter
Real estate sales slow down considerably most winters. Many parents do not want to move their kids during a school year. Families without kids may want to avoid the hassle of moving in snowy and icy conditions. Nonetheless, some people still need or want to buy a home in the cold weather season. For example, someone may be relocating into the area and may prefer not to rent temporarily. With fewer listings on the market during the winter, your listing may be more visible and may receive more attention even though the pool of buyers is smaller.

While curb appeal in the spring could work in your favor when selling your home, the coziness of a warm, inviting interior could work well for you in the winter months. Ideally, you want potential buyers to feel right at home in your space, and things like warm candlelight and a fluffy throw sprawled over the couch can work in your favor.

Deciding When to List Your Home
The actual market conditions vary from year to year based on many factors. In some cases, market conditions can fluctuate rapidly. While the seasonal pros and cons should be taken into account, you can see that getting a great offer on your home is possible regardless of the season. With this in mind, now may be the time to contact our team for a comparative market analysis on your home.