Why Curb Appeal Matters When Selling Your Home

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May 8, 2019
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June 11, 2019

Why Curb Appeal Matters When Selling Your Home

You understandably want to position your home to sell quickly while getting the maximum return possible, but how does curb appeal play into this? At first glance, your home’s curb appeal is purely an aesthetic matter, but it affects your selling results on a deeper level. A closer look reveals why you should focus on curb appeal before listing your home.

Makes a Solid First Impression
Everyone has heard the cliché advising you not to judge a book by its cover, but this saying has reached cliché status because it holds a kernel of truth. First impressions can be difficult to revise. Regardless of whether a buyer views your home listing online or sees the sign planted in your front yard, the buyer will quickly gauge his or her interest based on curb appeal. Many buyers are not interested in digging deeper to see what your home offers on the inside if the exterior is disappointing.

Establishes Expectations
In addition to motivating a buyer to view the interior of your home, gorgeous curb appeal sets the buyer’s expectations about what the interior holds. For example, if the property has gorgeous landscaping with dated features on the home, the buyer may assume that the interior has not yet been updated. If a starter home’s exterior lacks any noticeable improvements, the buyer may expect that the interior has also not been upgraded since the home was constructed. While these assumptions do not always hold up, the buyer’s expectations are nonetheless established, and these set the tone for the buyer’s experience during the tour.

Indicates Overall Property Condition
Today’s homebuyers pay attention to property condition as well as aesthetics. When a property has a well-maintained exterior, it sends a message that the interior of the home has received the same level of care. Buyers typically will order a property inspection to identify hidden issues, but a home that appears to be well-maintained throughout the interior and exterior can give a buyer confidence to make an offer. On the other hand, a home that is poorly maintained may give a buyer reason to pause.

Are you wondering if your home’s curb appeal needs attention? We can provide you with tailored advice when we visit your home for a consultation.