1Do buyers really need to hire an agent?
It is true that buying home does not require you to hire a real estate agent. However, you can get the guidance you need, and you can have a smooth-sailing process. Therefore, agents are quite useful, especially in helping you avoid the pitfalls of the buying procedure.
2Is it necessary to discuss with a bank before you look at homes?
Although it is also not a requirement, you should talk with a bank or lender to get pre-approved. The most significant benefit here is that you can understand how much you can afford when buying home.
3How about if you are a first time home buyer?
Professionals suggest that you should talk with a bank, especially if you are a first time home buyer. You will even find some programs that are mainly directed toward helping you. Additionally, you can also learn about the costs associated with buying home in Chicagoland. Many first time home buyers, unfortunately, do not understand some terminologies, including pre-paid items, down payment, and escrows. Our real estate agent can provide you with a thorough explanation of these items.
4Should you purchase or continue to rent?
Buying home is a solid investment but renting can also be a good option, depending on your circumstances. The interest rates are quite appealing these days. For instance, a 30-year FHA mortgage can have a locked in rate of approximately 3.5%. The interest rates are quite low, so you may want to choose to pay a mortgage rather than pay rent.


1What should you do before selling home?
You can perform some repairs, and you can spruce up the place but do not overdo it; otherwise, you spend more than you should. Have our agent inspect your home before you upgrade or fix anything. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save.
2How much is your house genuinely worth?
You can take the median home price in your neighborhood, but the exact amount will depend on the size and a lot of other factors. Unfortunately, sellers should not price their homes since they tend to be biased. The good way to determine its price is to look at similar properties in the area. Our agent can provide you with comparative market analysis to determine how much your home is worth.
3Will it take longer to sell your home?
Nationally, houses can take 100 days on the market before they find a buyer. Time varies wildly depending on the price and area. Therefore, it makes sense to price competitively. We can help you get your place in front of as many people as possible, both online and offline.
4Should I sell my house now?
If you can choose when to sell, it's best to wait until your local real estate market is "hot," or a "sellers' market." This can occur on a very local basis, regardless of what's common across the United States. The heat of a market can usually be gauged numerically, because the number of available homes drops well below the number of buyers wanting them.

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